Beauty Wish List

With so many products constantly being released, it’s hard to keep my wish list to a minimum. And, of course with spring on it’s way, it’s only essential that I change up my makeup routine! Here’s what’s on my list.

Luxury Makeup Haul

One of my goals for 2018 is to start putting more money into my savings account. So, I treated my December pay cheque as my last chance for a real makeup splurge. I really went for it when browsing my favourite sites – I wanted to get products for a full face of makeup, so... Continue Reading →

MAD For Christmas

As you all probably know, Christmas is my favourite time of year and even though it's only October, I'm all ready for the festive season. To me, Christmas isn't all about the presents, the gift of giving is my favourite part - in fact I love doing this all year round - so, when I... Continue Reading →

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