Top FIVE MAC lipsticks

MAC lipsticks will always hold a very special place in my makeup collection. They were the first high-end lipsticks I ever purchased, and despite my makeup choices having matured over the years, thanks to their huge colour range, MAC have remained my go-to brand for lipsticks.

Without a doubt, matte is my favourite finish from MAC’s lipstick collection as I find that all the shades are highly pigmented and very long-lasting. I also find that they’re effortless to apply, which is perfect if touch-ups are ever required!

1 mac

My all-time favourite lipstick from MAC has to be the shade Mehr. MAC calls this lipstick colour a ‘dirty blue pink’ with a matte finish; however, it does still have a little bit of a moisturising sheen to it, which means unlike some other matte lipsticks, it is non-drying. With a full face of makeup, this colour looks perfect and goes well with my skin tone. If you get time, head to a MAC store and try this shade out!

3 faux

One lipstick that I have re-purchased many times is in the shade Faux. It’s a perfect ‘my lips but better’ nude. This was one of the first MAC lipsticks I owned and I often wear this if I just don’t know what look to go for. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I do have two of these, just in case one runs out!

1 men love

Following the theme of  nude lips, I personally enjoy a pink nude and the perfect option for this is MAC’s Pink Plaid. The pigmentation in this shade is great and a single swipe gives you all the colour you need. I find this shade looks fabulous with a warmed up, ‘bronze goddess’ makeup look.

1 ruby

Moving away from the nude/pink shades and onto bolder colours Russian Redis a great choice for when I feel like adding a splash of colour to my look. This is probably one of the most popular shades of red that MAC does, and it is definitely a winner in my eyes! Considering that the finish of this lipstick is matte, it glides smoothly onto the lips without any tugging or pulling. If you’re looking for a red lipstick, it’s the perfect vivid, blue-toned red and certainly the type that will make your teeth look super-white.

2 men love

If you’re over the nudes and the reds for 2017 and want something a little more daring, my final favourite for you all is Men Love Mystery. You know when you see a lipstick in store and just fall in love with the shade? This happened to me! Men Love Mystery is described as a lavender violet, medium-dark purple. It’s a matte shade that goes on like all of the mattes from MAC, opaque but creamy! If you’re into purple lipstick, you need to try this!

Let me know what your favourite MAC lipsticks are in the comments, or on twitter @Emstagramr. 

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