My New Year’s Resolutions 2019

I’m sure you have all seen the ‘New Year, New Me’ posts on Facebook now, but for me, 2019 is a time to build on myself. Last year was an amazing year for me, I met so many people and really advanced in my career, so for me 2019 is a year for me to continue growing and making memories.

Along with most of the world, I tend to set myself unrealistic goals that I can’t stick to, but this year I have set myself more realistic and achievable resolutions and here they are…

  1. My first goal is to stick to my blogging goals. In 2018, I really dropped the ball when it came to blogging, I can come up with all the excuses in the world, but the truth is I just got lazy. So, in 2019, I want to continue blogging weekly, and really get back into the swing of things.
  2. Travel more. This was a resolution last year, and I did some amazing travelling including a big trip to New York. But, this year I already have a couple of exciting trips planned and I want to continue to see the world while I’m still young!
  3. Save, save, save. Again, another resolution from last year, but this year is really going to be my year of saving. I decided that 2018 was the year of buying what I want and treating myself, and this year I need to have my eyes on the future which includes a house!
  4. Do more. This is a bit of an open resolution, but in 2019 I really want to do more. Rather than sitting in bed watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon, I want to be going out and doing things. Meet new people, go out with my family and just have a good time.

After writing down my resolutions and sharing them with you all, it makes me feel more motivated to stick to them, and I think I’ve set myself goals that I can easily stick to.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comments on or Twitter @Emstagramr!

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