Dermalogica Skincare Must-haves

Skincare is the most important step when it comes to my beauty routine and I have been trying out so many new products to find out what my skin does and doesn’t like. I’ve found lots of products all from different brands such as Clinique, Dermalogica and First Aid Beauty.

So, when I was asked to join the Dermalogica #Skinfluencer programme I was very keen to say yes as I already knew I loved their products.

Dermalogica market themselves as the number one choice of skin care recommended by skin care professionals and consumers worldwide, and after speaking with them about my skin type – which is combination as you probably already know – they sent me a few products to try out.

So, I have put this blog together to review them all for you.

Before we start, I want to mention that I have been trying these products for over a month now, so I feel like I can give a very good, and accurate review.


The first item I received is the Pre-Cleanse, and I was slightly dubious at first as I’m going to be honest, I am a makeup wipe girl – it’s easy and it’s quick.


However, wanting to give everything a fair chance, I gave it a go, and it has really changed my view. It removes my makeup with a couple of pumps, and even wiped away my waterproof mascara with ease. It’s very gentle on the skin and makes my next steps super easy.

Daily Microfoliant:

Out of all the products I have tried from Dermalogica, the Daily Microfoliant has to be my favourite, as it’s such a unique product. It starts out as a dry powder formula until it meets water and then it turns into an exfoliating paste.


The product has become a must-have in my skincare routine now. When using it, I simply dispense approximately half a teaspoon onto my hands, add the water and massage onto my skin. It’s a super gentle exfoliant – which some that like a rough and gritty product may not enjoy – but I love it and it really makes a difference to my complexion.

Skin Smoothing Cream:

Recently, I have suffered from dry skin around my nose and I blame this on the change in seasons. I have been using so many products to try and help this and the Skin Smoothing Cream is one of them.


This cream is a medium-weight moisturiser but is super hydrating. I simply wash my face, apply my favourite facial oil and then apply this moisturiser. I’ve been using this everyday for the past month and am about half way through – a little really does go a long way!

Skin Hydrating Masque:

Like I said my skin has been a little dry this past month, and this face mask has really helped keep my skin looking supple and glowy. I use it at the end of a long and stressful week and work, and typically leave it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing. I find this mask is also perfect for multi-masking, as I can use a more clearing mask on my problem areas and this everywhere else.


Solar Defence Booster spf50:

The final item that I have been trying out is the Solar Defence Booster spf50, and to be honest I’m not sure if this actually helps my skin but saying this, when I use this product, I find that it does make me feel better that I am wearing spf.


I have said it before, and I will say it again…wearing spf is essential for every day, come rain or shine!  This product has made my life so much easier, and unlike most spf products, it doesn’t make me break out. To use I simply apply evenly and liberally to my face, wait a couple of minutes for it to sink in, and then apply my makeup.

I have been using Dermalogica products for years now and I am still yet to find a product from the brand that I don’t love! When it comes to skincare, I do sometimes struggle with products breaking me out, but I haven’t found this with any Dermalogica product so far.

Have you tried any other Dermalogica products?


* all products above were gifted to me for testing purposes but reviews are my own.


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