Summer Holiday Essentials

If you don’t follow me on social media then you probably won’t know that I have just got back from a lovely week in Spain.

Before I jetted off,* kindly sent me a selection of summer essentials. I used all of these products on my summer holiday, and it was great to be able to get them all from one place!, have so many amazing brands and they’re a reasonable price too.

Here are the products that were my travel companions this year:

Gillette Portable Razor

Unless you have a full body wax before your holiday, razors are an essential to keep you silky smooth when chilling poolside. This one by Gillette is perfect for travelling as it comes in its own case. With five blades and a protective moisture strip it reduces that awful razor burn we have all experienced at one time or another.


Malibu Travel Bag

While SPF is so important not matter your skin tone, towards the end of my holiday I like to use a little spritz of tanning oil especially on my legs and arms. This set by Malibu was perfect as it came with two different oil options, (SPF 15 & 10), and included an after sun too which I would always recommend applying, even if you haven’t burnt as it replaces the moisture you have probably lose during sunbathing!


(Top Tip: Keep your after sun in the fridge so it’s nice and cool when you come to apply it!)

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist

Victoria’s Secret Body Mists are the perfect travel essential. I don’t like to carry my expensive perfume with me all day every day and so this product is ideal for a little poolside freshen up.


Burt’s Bees Set

This Burt’s Bees Set is perfect for summer as it comes with a lip balm, lip tint and body moisturiser perfect for creating a natural lip look.


Max Factor Waterproof Mascara 

I’m not one of these girls that sits by the pool and screams when a splash of water comes into contact with my body. I spend about 80% of my time in the pool and so a good waterproof mascara is essential. I also find that the mascara also worked well at repelling sweat (don’t deny it, we all get a sweaty face on our summer hols).


Carmex Lip Balm 

An SPF lip balm is a must in summer and I always make sure I have one to hand. This one by Carmex has SPF in it and it’s super hydrating. People often neglect their lips when applying SPF, but actually sun exposure can have horrid effects on the lips including cracking and burning.


While my summer blues may have kicked in, I can’t be too upset as I am lucky enough to be travelling to the Dominican Republic in January! These essentials will 100% be bagging a spot in my suitcase for that trip too.

*These products were kindly sent to me by All opinions are my own. sells a vast range of products, from toothbrushes to beauty products and toiletries, to vitamins, supplements, and more. The service received was wonderful and the products arrived within 3 days of ordering. I will definitely be using again.

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