Buy or Bye: Tarteist PRO Glow To Go

Tarte Cosmetics has quickly become one of my favourite brands, and I must admit that recently, I did yet another order from their site. Amongst many other items, the product that I was most excited to purchase and wanted to share with you all is their Tarteist PRO Glow To Go palette, as I thought it would be perfect to fit into my everyday makeup bag. And, after using it a number of times, I wanted to review it for you all.

I’ve spoken about Tarte Cosmetics many times on my blog, but to save you all from looking back I’ll quickly mention it here. Ordering from Tarte is super easy, they have free delivery on orders over £40 (which is great), and tax is included in the checkout fee, meaning you won’t have any nasty customs surprises at your door. The shipping typically takes 7-10 days, but this package came in less than a week!

me 1.jpg

Now, moving onto the product itself. The Tarteist PRO Glow To Go palette is a miniature size of their PRO Glow and Highlight & Contour Palette and is £23. This palette consists of two highlight shades, Gleam (Pearl Highlight) and Burst (Shimmery Sand Highlight), as well as one contour shade, Chisel (Matte Warm Chestnut).


Looking at this palette, I did think that as the pans are small it would be difficult to get the product onto my brush but I haven’t had any issues with this at all. The packaging of this product is lovely, it’s super sleek and travel-friendly, I have a smallish makeup bag that I keep in my work bag, and it fits in there perfectly!


Both of the highlighting shades are highly pigmented and not too powdery. And, the contour shade is the perfect formula. It’s not too creamy, and not too powdery and blends seamlessly into the skin!


I never really have any issues with bronzer or highlight staying on my skin, as my makeup wear time usually depends on how well I apply my base products. But overall, these products stay on the skin and give maximum impact for a pretty long time!



In the palette you get two highlighters and one contour for £23, which I think is an amazing price. Each of the shades are super pigmented, and you do get a decent amount.


I love this palette, I think it is the perfect palette for those of us who like to take our makeup on the go. It’s the perfect travel palette as you could even use the shades for your eye makeup!

Have you tried this palette? Let me know in the comments!

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