Favourite Spring Nail Colours

We’re two days into March which means that spring is on its way (although the Beast from the East clearly has other ideas for us).  I always look forward to changing up my wardrobe and beauty products each season and I especially LOVE the nail trends that come with spring, especially the pastels. So, I wanted to share with you all my top nail polish shades for this season.

Essie – ‘Salt Water Happy’


Pastel blue, like this shade, is my favourite nail colour to wear! I think it is so flattering on any skin tone and nothing says spring like Atlantic blues! In my opinion Essie has one of the best nail polish formulas too.

Barry M ‘Lap of Honour’ 

essie 1

For a cheaper option, I must admit Barry M is also one of my favourite nail polish brands, and this quick dry pastel purple polish is perfect for the winter/spring transition!

Essie ‘Peach Side Babe’

essie 2

Peach colours are perfect for spring time, as they add a splash of colour after a winter of dark shades. This shade from Essie is one of the best.

Rimmel ‘Punk Rock’

essie 3

Since it’s still rather cold and snowing in the UK, I do think a grey polish is a must for the start of March. The Rimmel Super Gel polishes are a great budget option, they’re super opaque and last a long time on the nails.

Rimmel ‘Soul Session’

essie 4

Nudes are always a good option for nails, this colour in particular looks so classy and is great for creating work-time to night-time looks.

Sally Hansen ‘Red Handed’

essie 5

Reds are the perfect option all year round, but this shade from Sally Hansen is my chosen red for spring due to its orange undertones!

That’s all for my top nail picks for this season, let’s just hope the weather picks up so that we can wear them!

What’s your go-to nail colour for spring? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @Emstagramr!

*All images have been credited.

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