Splurge or Save: Tarte Shape Tape VS Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define

It’s no surprise that Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer has become one of the top selling concealers of all time, but with quite a big price tag, it was only a matter of time until another makeup brand tried to follow in its footsteps. Recently, Makeup Revolution has released a new concealer that is said to be a dupe for only £4. So, when I found out about this concealer I knew I had to put it to the test and compare it in a blog post for you.

I do have a full review on the Tarte Shape Tape, so if you want to take a read of that you can click just here, but let’s get into putting these concealers head to head…



In terms of packaging, both have a very similar look to them, and both come with a large doe-foot applicator. However, the Tarte Shape Tape is a lot bigger and you receive 10ml of product compared to the 4.3ml that you get with the Makeup Revolution concealer.


Both concealers are described as lightweight yet full coverage, and I can happily say that this is true for both. I’ve been using Shape Tape religiously now for a few months and can honestly say that the formula of the Conceal & Define is pretty much the same. They are both very thick but blend out seamlessly and don’t feel too heavy on the skin, especially under the eyes.



One of the things I love most about the Shape Tape is how long it lasts on the skin, so, naturally, I was sceptical about the Makeup Revolution concealer because I do find that drugstore products aren’t as long lasting. However, I can say the Conceal & Define lasts a good amount of time on the skin BUT it definitely needs setting quickly. I’ve found that this concealer creases if it’s not set straight away, this isn’t a huge problem but something to take note of if you don’t typically set your face straight away.



Obviously, there’s a huge price gap between these two products. When buying the Tarte Shape Tape, you not only have to pay £22 for the concealer, you also have to pay shipping fees for the product, if buying from Tarte themselves. However, the Makeup Revolution concealer is only £4 and can be bought in Superdrug stores or online (with free shipping available with a Superdrug Health and Beauty card).


To be completely honest, this concealer is for sure a dupe! From the packaging to formula to wear, they are pretty much the same. Although I do find the Makeup Revolution concealer to crease quicker if it’s not set with a powder, I think for £4 you can’t really go wrong!


Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define yet? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @Emstagramr.


2 thoughts on “Splurge or Save: Tarte Shape Tape VS Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define

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  1. I really want to try these Makeup Revolution Concealers! I’ve always wanted to try the Shape tape but I didn’t want to risk buying the wrong shade online! Atleast with this one I can swatch in Superdrug and see which one will fit me better. Great review! 🙂 x


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