Buy or Bye: Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Coconut Primer

If you read my most recent makeup haul, you’ll know that I recently picked up the Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Primer. It is a little expensive, however I have recently tried out a few items from Marc Jacobs and I have loved everything so, seeing as I needed a new primer I thought I would pick one up from the brand. And, after testing it out for around two weeks now I thought I’d share with you all my thoughts on it.

marc jacobs

Before buying this primer, I had heard nothing but good things about it! So, let’s start with packaging.

Of course this primer comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle, which makes it feel super luxurious – I wouldn’t expect anything less from Marc Jacobs. It also comes with a handy pump, which controls how much product is used.


In terms of the product itself, the primer is described as a skin-smoothing, makeup extending primer and I completely agree. It has a runny, milky consistency and has a light fragrance of coconuts but nothing too fragrant. This primer makes my skin feel super hydrated, glowy and I find that it really allows my makeup to go on smoothly and last all day.

Although pricey, I typically only use half a pump for my whole face, meaning a little goes a long way, making it great value for money.


Overall, I am completely in love with this primer and Marc Jacobs has not disappointed me.

Before trying out this primer, I hadn’t really found a primer I’ve loved. I have combination skin, and love my makeup to look glowy and dewy so finding a primer that does this whilst also making my makeup last all day has been difficult but this product is the perfect solution for me and I would highly recommend it.

Have you tried out this primer? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @Emstagramr.


7 thoughts on “Buy or Bye: Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Coconut Primer

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  1. This sounds lovely, especially the fragrance – I’m yet to find a primer that smells NICE. I also happen to think primer is one of those items that is worth spending money on – especially if it makes your foundation look better for longer! x


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