New Years Resolutions

I’m sure you have all seen the ‘New Year, New Me’ posts on Facebook now, but for me, 2018 is actually a time to build on myself. Along with most of the world, I tend to set myself unrealistic goals that I can’t stick to, but this year I have set myself more realistic and achievable resolutions and here they are…

  1. My first goal is to completely remove meat from my diet. In 2017, I was only eating meat about once a week and this year I want to completely stop eating it. I don’t think this will be too difficult and I know I’ll feel so much healthier from cutting it out of my diet.
  2. To stick to my blogging goals. Every month I set myself a goal for how many views I want to get on my blog and how many more followers I want to gain on each social channel, and, I’d like to stick to this in 2018. That way I can look back and see how much my blog has grown over one year.
  3. Take more time for myself. This is probably one of the more important resolutions and it’s something I’d really like to stick to, even if it’s spending a Sunday afternoon pampering myself once a month. I definitely think alone time is important.
  4. Spend more time with friends. I love spending time with my friends, and it’s important for me to make time for them no matter how busy I am. I think once a month is a good amount of time to make sure I have quality time with my closest friends.
  5. Travel more. This one may be cliché, but this year I definitely want to explore the world a little more! I can’t say where yet, but I have few trips planned…
  6. Stick to the YOLO lifestyle. One of my biggest goals for the year is to remember that you really do only live once and fears shouldn’t stop me from doing what I want.

After writing all my resolutions it makes me feel more motivated to stick to them, and I think I’ve set myself goals that I can easily stick to.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comments on or Twitter @Emstagramr!


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