Five Lip Products for your Christmas Party

Hooray! It’s officially Christmas party season. And, while for many that means having a few drinks, and hitting the town, for me the highlight comes when it’s time to choose the perfect makeup look for the perfect Instagram. Whether you’re rocking a bold lip or a simple nude shade, here are my recommendations for a lip look that’s going to last all night…

  1. Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip ‘Hutch’


If you want to stand out at the Christmas party then ‘Hutch’ is the shade for you. Described as a deep blackened violet, pair this lip with gold eyes and eye liner and you’ll be receiving compliment after compliment this Christmas. ColourPop’s Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks have to be one of the best liquid lipstick formulas in my opinion, and any of their shades from this collection would be perfect for a Christmas party. They are extremely long wearing and don’t dry out your lips!

  1. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip ‘Berry Much’


Berry lips are perfect for the festive season, and if you’re not brave enough to wear something as dark as ‘Hutch’ then ‘Berry Much’ could be the right choice for you. Not only is this lipstick a bargain (£3.50) it is also super creamy, long lasting and very pigmented. Berry Much is a deep purple toned berry, and if you’re not too confident with eyeshadow then pair this with full lashes and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Gigi Hadid X Maybelline ‘Erin’


After reading mixed reviews on the Gigi x Maybelline collaboration, I thought I’d try out one of the lipsticks for myself and I can now go as far as saying it’s one of my favourite lipsticks. Firstly, the formula is lovely, it’s creamy yet lasts all day on the lips and not too matte that it dries out your lips. Secondly, the shade is perfect if you want something that’s not too bold but not too nude. If you’re wearing a light smoky eye to your Christmas party, then this shade will pair together perfectly.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Pure Hollywood’


For those of you who don’t want to rock a bold lip this Christmas party, then ‘Pure Hollywood’ would be the go-to shade for you. This pale mauve nude will last all night long, and would complement a burgundy eye look beautifully.

  1. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip ‘Notion’



It’s safe to say that the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips are the perfect option for a Christmas party or a night out as they are so long wearing and the shade ‘Notion’ just screams Christmas. It’s a beautiful deep berry shade with red undertones and is highly pigmented. If you’re thinking of wearing this lipstick, pair it with a light foundation with a matte finish and a simple winged liner on the eyes.

All of these shades will help you get in full festive mode! They’re all super long wearing so you don’t have to worry about topping up throughout the night.

What’s your go-to lip colour for the Christmas season? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter – @Emstagramr!


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  1. I have so many different colors and brands I love! And it is all depending on the eye makeup, like you said! I loved the first color you suggested… very bold and fun for Christmas! Thanks for such a fun post and review!


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