Cosy Night in Essentials

With the autumn season upon us, I love nothing more than a cosy night (or weekend) in. To achieve the ultimate evening in, there are a few things I must have with me…

1. Bath Bombs-

Firstly, every night in should start with a nice relaxing bath as it allows you to really unwind. Plus a warm bubble bath when it’s cold outside feels great! Treat yourself to a bath bomb to create an even better ambiance. My current favourite is the MAD Beauty bath fizzer which you can read more about here.Β 


2. Blankets-

After a bath, it’s always nice to get into a pair of fresh PJ’s and then wrap yourself in a snuggly blanket. My favourite night-in blanket is my pink Heat Holders Luxury Fleece Blanket. For the autumn and winter time, a blanket is an essential!


3. A Cup of Tea-

Okay, so if you’re not a huge fan of tea then any warm drink will do, but I simply cannot get enough of tea all year round, but I’m sure tea lovers everywhere will agree that there is something that makes tea taste even better in the autumn/winter season.

4. Netflix-

An addictive Netflix series is a must on a night in. I’ve been loving season 2 of Riverdale and American Horror Story.

5. An Engaging Novel-

When it’s finally time to wind down, a book is a necessity. Β As you’ll see, I’m currently reading IT. With Halloween being next week, it’s a great autumnal read!


6. Pamper Products-

Pampering on a night in is essential, I especially love painting my nails and using a face mask. At the moment, I’m getting into the autumn spirit and painting my nails with darker shades.


7. Autumnal Candles-

Of course, a perfect autumnal night in would not be complete without some scented candles. I’m currently loving Yankee Candle ‘Autumn Glow’, but any spiced candle is perfect.


7. Pillow Mist

Although this may not be an essential to everyone, I do like to use a pillow mist every now and again. Not only do they allow me to feel relaxed when I’m getting into bed but I also love the smell of them. The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is definitely my favourite, as it isn’t too over powering. To use, I simply spritz a few pumps of the mist onto my pillow (and my whole duvet) five minutes or so before I’m ready to get into bed and it works like a dream!


What are your cosy night in essentials? Let me know in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Cosy Night in Essentials

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  1. Since I have the day and night to myself (yippie), I already have the candle lit, my blanket, TV show. Now just need the bath with my philosophy shower gel and nighttime pampering skincare routine! Oh, I have a book too! Guess I’m set! lol


  2. Cozy nights in are the best! I definitely enjoy a hot bath with a bath bomb, a face mask, blankets and pillows, a good movie or TV show, and some hot chocolate. πŸ™‚


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