Why I Chose an Apprenticeship

It’s that time of year again when people everywhere are preparing to venture on the next journey of their lives. Whether it be going to university or something else, this time of year can be very stressful for many people with many asking themselves: have I made the right decision not going to uni? Should I have a gap year? Well, I myself asked this many times, but after a year of finding my *almost* perfect job, I think it’s fair to say that I made the right decision.

For as long as I can remember I was set on going to uni in London to study media or journalism. I knew that’s what I wanted to do, my dream was (and still is) to be a presenter on a TV show or work alongside celebrities. Then it hit me, in my final year of my A-Levels, I realised that I didn’t need to go to university to do what I wanted. I didn’t need to get into debt to reach my dream. Instead I could do an apprenticeship and gain the experience I needed to be where I wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still applied to go to university for 2017 and got into my dream university in London, as my original plan was to complete my apprenticeship in my year out and then go to university in September 2017 but let’s just say, my plans changed.

There are certainly a lot of misconceptions about apprentices and a lot of people don’t know about the hundreds of options available, and I was definitely one of those people but as I started looking into them more, I started to become more and more interested and realised that you don’t have to have had bad grades or not have done your A-Levels to be an apprentice; in fact, you actually do need good grades to do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

I honestly believe that times really are changing, and you don’t need to have a degree for certain jobs anymore. As I’ve said my dream job is to work in Digital Marketing, with celebrities/influencers or present a TV show and I don’t need a degree for it – just a load of experience. So, why not do an apprenticeship where I can earn money whilst gaining experience and learning? During my apprenticeship, I also got to experience a real feel for a work place, and meet some AMAZING people who I know I will be friends with forever. I also gained the confidence to start this blog, which I know for a fact I wouldn’t have had the skills or writing capability if I didn’t do my apprenticeship.

A lot of you may be wondering, what did I do for my apprenticeship? How did I study and work at the same time? Well, for the first six months I attended college twice a month to complete half of my units – which included subjects such as ‘Search Engine Marketing’, ‘Creating a Website’ and the ‘Laws within Social Media’. Then, for the rest of the year I did ‘at work’ studying which means I completed certain units at work so that I could provide evidence for them. These units included, ‘App creation’, ‘Email Marketing’ and many more. The units were certainly challenging, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I also had 24/7 support from my college who regularly paid visits to my work to discuss my progress.

So, what am I doing now you may all ask? After completing my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing in July, I now work full time in my company working alongside influencers and YouTube sensations whilst also keeping up with clients social media platforms.

My advice would be, whether you’re planning on starting an apprenticeship or going to university, that you have to work hard to get to where you want to be. I worked so hard to prove to my manager that I am worthy of a full-time job and finished my apprenticeship a whole month early. I knew that I wanted to be a part of our new influencer division so I proved myself and showed that hard work honestly does pay off!

Don’t get me wrong, if your dream job requires a degree then university is a no brainer, but I think a lot of people are mislead into thinking university is the be all and end all! It isn’t!

This blog post is a little different to what I usually write about but I thought it would help to hear this advice from someone who’s made the decision to not go to uni.

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, @Emstagramr, whether you’ve been or are going to university or not!

12 thoughts on “Why I Chose an Apprenticeship

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  1. I left school during year 11 (second last year of highschool) and went and did an apprenticeship because I realised I didn’t need an ATAR (which is a GCSE but Australian version) and apprenticeships are such a great thing to do. Gives you income and experience, everything that a company would want when hiring you.

    Great post! xx


  2. Emma, i love this ! Completely agree & if I didn’t need school for my career path then I definitely think an apprenticeship or internship is the way to go! Nice job :))


  3. Good for you Emma! I’ve chosen to go down a creative path so I know what you mean about not necessarily needing a degree to get where you want to be. I think it all just depends on what you want to do really. Plus, no two roads end up leading to the same place and I find with getting jobs it’s just an individual and different experience for everyone really.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


  4. Love this. I’m an accountant and done it all through an apprenticeship. For some reason a lot of people think it’s easy (40 hour weeks + whole weekend revision is deffo not easy) but it’s definitely an achievement!!xx


  5. When I was at school, it was constantly an expectation that we should do well ‘so we could get into university’. I never was that struck on going, and opted for an apprenticeship in Business & Admin after my A Levels. I enjoyed it but wish I had done one in another area, as now I would like to get into Digital Marketing. This was a really interesting post to read. Apprenticeships are something that really aren’t talked about enough, thank you for sharing x


  6. I did the exact same thing as you, I wasn’t crazy about going to Uni, I didn’t want to get into loads of debt and I didn’t really get the ‘excitement’ about going. So I completed my A-Levels and got an apprenticeship in my dream career – Graphic Design. So far it is going well, I don’t need to go to Uni to be creative as that is something you cannot teach.

    I actually wrote a few blog posts myself on why I chose not to go to University if you would like to check them out as I feel like our opinions would be the same



  7. I really enjoyed this post. I was back and forth about whether or not uni was for me but I chose to go in the end. I don’t regret it as I feel it’s had a really positive impact on ny confidence and such like but also helped me decide which career path was best for me. I actually study Journalism and really the job is all about experience, without it nobody will take you on. So an apprenticeship is a really good option for any job really. I wish you luck with everything you do! I’m hoping to go into digital marketing/PR or Journalism.


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