Save or Splurge?

If I had to choose only one item of makeup to use for the rest of summer it would definitely be liquid highlight. I love how it can just brighten your whole face and leave you glowing with no effort at all. Saying this, there are so many on the market (most of which I have tried) and you may not want to spend a fortune on one, so I thought I would compare two that are very similar in many different ways and let you all know whether you should splurge or save your money.

For the high-end liquid highlighter, I have chosen the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow in the shade ‘Perla’ and from the drugstore we have the ‘Maybelline Master Strobing liquid in ‘Medium’. To put these products to the full test, I tried them both separately for a few days and then used one on each cheek for one day, and here are my thoughts…


Let’s start with high-end. Anastasia Beverly Hills are known for their powder highlighters and Glow Kits so as soon as I saw that they were coming out with a liquid version, I knew that I needed one in my life. So, when I received an email saying that they had launched in the UK I made a purchase straight away and I certainly was not disappointed. Perla is described as a white gold weightless liquid highlighter, and it is exactly that. The texture of this product is a little thicker liquid than other liquid highlights that I have tried, which is nice because the product doesn’t run down your face if you apply a little too much; however, it isn’t too thick that it feels heavy on the skin. This highlighter also adds an intense glow to my cheeks without emphasising pores or making my makeup look too heavy. I personally have found this product works best either mixed in with my foundation to create a dewy base or applied directly on the cheekbones over all of my other makeup. In terms of lasting power, I’ve found this product to last on my skin all day whilst I’m at work (9-5:30) but does seem to look a little dull towards the end of the day when I get home, which is completely fine with me since I usually take my makeup off when I get home anyway. I love this highlighter, and if you are willing to spend a little more on makeup then you should definitely give this a try!


Left to right- Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Perla’ & Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid ‘Medium’.

However, if you prefer to keep your makeup on a budget but like the look of the ABH Liquid Glow, then you should definitely give the Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid a try as they are pretty much the same product! Similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills Perla, the Master Strobing Liquid is an iridescent white gold, and don’t be fooled by the name ‘Medium’ as I think this would look perfect on any skin tone due to the golden undertones. The texture of this is also a thicker liquid and feels very creamy compared to Perla. I’ve found that this is a lot more blinding on the skin than ‘Perla’ with one layer; however, you can build Perla up depending on what kind of glow you feel like. This product also works well when mixed in with foundation or applied on its own, and blends into the skin beautifully whether you use your fingertips or a brush.


Left to right- Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Perla’ & Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid ‘Medium’.

I know a lot of people like to set their liquid highlights with a powder highlighter and both of these set perfectly with whatever you choose to apply on top without caking or moving on your face. I personally think that they both look perfect with the Urban Decay 24 Hour Powder Highlight in the shade ‘Sin’, but they do not actually require setting and will still last all day on the skin.


Above: Wearing Maybelline Liquid Strobe in Medium mixed in with IT Cosmetics CC Cream.


Above: Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow in Perla mixed in with IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

Now,  you’ll see from this post that these products are both very similar in a variety of ways: the packaging, the product, and the shade. However, it may just be the prices that are very different with Anastasia Beverly Hills being £25 and Maybelline costing only £7.99. So,  depending on your budget, I would 100% recommend both of these products to you.

Let me know your favourite drugstore dupes in the comments below or on Twitter @Emstagramr. 

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  1. I’ve actually never used any Anastasia Beverly Hills products, but that does look like a nice highlighter. Based on the pictures, I think it looks better than the Maybelline. I usually opt for powder or cream highlighters though. I tried to use a liquid one once and it looked streaky and terrible. (Maybe I wasn’t blending it right lol)


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