Buy or Bye: Makeup Revolution Girl Panic Palette.

There’s no doubt about it; I am a high-end girl. I truly believe that investing in makeup is definitely worth it. That’s not to say that I don’t also love a bargain buy from time to time!

Recently, I’ve been hearing so much (and all good things!) about the brand Makeup Revolution, especially their palettes, so I thought, why not buy one that stands out to me and test it out for you all?


I decided to purchase the Salvation Palette Girl Panic .  It’s a very bronze-toned palette, with a variety of eyeshadow shades that seemed both great for everyday, but also great for evening glam too.

The Girl Panic Eyeshadow Palette features 18 shades, which include a good mixture of basic nudes, warm glitters, and a few bolder options (it’s pretty much the perfect palette). At first, I had my doubts about this palette because it’s only £6 and honestly, I was wrong. You get a lot of shades for your money.  The packaging is sturdy, and, unlike other drugstore palettes that I’ve tried, you also get a large mirror, which is a nice bonus. The glitter shades in the palette are highly pigmented and silky smooth with no fall out. They don’t need to be wet to stand out either, which works perfectly for everyday makeup! The formula of the matte shades is very creamy, and they all blend easily into the skin. Although they aren’t super pigmented, I quite like this as I can build them up if I want to.

The shimmer shades in the palette include:


Left to right-

  • ‘Panic on the Street’, a pearly white.
  • ‘By Invitation’, a light peach.
  • ‘Going on to Somewhere’, a peach pink.
  • ‘I am Beaten’, an orange pink.
  • ‘Voices in my Head’, a bubble gum pink.
  • ‘City Trap’, a deep brown.


Left to right-

  • ‘Girlfriend’, a rose gold.
  • ‘Random’, a beautiful copper.
  • ‘Chelsea Mayhem’, a bronze.
  • ‘Going Nowhere’, a brown bronze.
  • ‘Get Closer’, a shimmer silver blue.
  • ‘Demolition’, grey-black.

The matte shades include:


Left to right-

  • ‘Going Under’, a bone colour.
  • ‘Let it Happen’, another bone colour with a hint of pink.
  • ‘Naked Through’, a light nude.
  • ‘Hypnotic’, a dark nude.
  • ‘Mesmerised’, a deep brown.
  • ‘Clever Words’, a pale plum.

To create my favourite everyday eyeshadow I simply add ‘Naked Through’ into my crease as a transition shade with a blending brush, then add ‘Chelsea Mayhem’ to my lid with my finger, and finally deepen my crease with ‘Hypnotic’, again with a blending brush. To finish the eye look, I add my favourite mascara of the moment (Maybelline Rocket Mascara), and I’m good to go!


I do have to say that if I had to make one change to this palette, I would perhaps change one of the matte bone shades to a lighter matte brown as they are just too similar and aren’t needed.

However, it’s safe to say that I’m more than impressed with this palette, especially because you can create so many different looks, from a coppery smoky eye to a natural rose gold look. So, if you’re looking for a new eyeshadow palette that won’t break the bank, then you should certainly try this out!

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution palettes? If so, let me know in the comments or on Twitter- @Emstagramr.


9 thoughts on “Buy or Bye: Makeup Revolution Girl Panic Palette.

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  1. I’ve tried a palette they released with their storage chest from last year called “ultimate favorites” and it had 16 mattes and 16 glitter shades. I didn’t expect much either but i was impressed! Really loving how the glitter shades looked and that they didn’t need to be wet. 🙂


  2. Not completely sure that the light blue and light pink would suit my skin tone (or moreso that I wouldn’t know how to use them well yet) but other than that this is such a bargain! And i’m in need of a new palette :’) Thanks Em! Shan | xx

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