Exploring NARS

Being a makeup addict like myself, comes with the responsibility of taking the side of one or more high-end makeup brands, and mine has to be NARS.

For those of you who don’t know much about the brand, NARS Cosmetics is a cosmetics and skincare company founded in 1994 by makeup artist and photographer François Nars. The brand is now available worldwide.

Since I adore the brand so much, I thought I’d share with you my top six favourite NARS products from blogger favourites to products that I believe have undeservedly received little praise.

Starting with my all-time favourite product for summer, the NARS Illuminator in the shade ‘Copacabana’, a beautiful pearl Champagne liquid illuminator. Copacabana is one of the most famous products that Nars has ever released, and I can totally see why! It blends smoothly onto the skin and dries down to a non-sticky, dewy finish. I find it works best applied onto my cheek bones with a stippling brush before foundation!

NARS 3.jpg

From left to right- Copacabana and Albatross.

Keeping up with the highlighter theme, number two on my favourite products from NARS has to be the Albatross Blush. This has to be a favourite because when it’s applied onto the cheeks it adds a subtle, soft glow with a white golden sheen. It’s perfect for both everyday and going out, as it can be built up for a more dramatic strobing effect or if you like to keep it simple, it can be kept sheer!

The next NARS essential on my list is the Radiant Creamy Concealer, a favourite of many beauty bloggers! This product is particularly great for under-eye concealing due to its lightweight, creamy texture. I also find that this has a great lasting power and blends in flawlessly with my ring finger. If you’re in need of a new concealer, then you need to get this… With 16 shades available, it’s also perfect for many different skin tones!


From left to right- Radiant Creamy and Soft Matte.

Sticking to concealers, I also adore the Soft Matte Complete concealer! Now, it may be cheating to choose two of the same product, but I love both of these concealers, especially when used together! The Soft Matte concealer offers a natural yet full coverage look, perfect for both spot concealing and under the eyes, as it has a beautiful soft-focus smoothing effect to the skin. To apply this on its own, I simply blend in with my finger and set with powder, but when I want a less natural makeup look I will apply the Radiant Creamy Concealer on top for a brightening effect. I definitely can say that this is also an essential in any makeup lover’s collection, it’s perfect for travelling, lasts all day on the skin, and leaves a flawless finish! What more could you want?

NARS 4.jpg

Moving on to an item that I simply couldn’t not talk about… Laguna. NARS Laguna, is again one of NARS’ bestselling products. I am in the company of thousands of other bloggers who will likely rave about this product. Laguna comes in the classic NARS sleek black, rubber material packaging and also has a nice big mirror, making it perfect for travelling. The texture of this bronzer is a dream, it never goes patchy on the skin and blends seamlessly! Known for being the perfect bronzer, don’t let the finely milled golden glitters scare you for contouring too, because they’re very faint and will never appear too glittery on the skin. I love this product so much, that I’m currently on my second one, and even this one is slowly coming to an end!

Last but certainly not least, my final NARS makeup must-have is a product that I haven’t heard too much about but deserves a lot more praise… the Velvet Shadow Stick in the shade Oaxaca. This is a muted mauve taupe that works perfectly for every day but can be used for a smokey eye if applied more heavily. I love cream stick shadows, I find them so easy to use especially for a simple makeup look.  This shadow stick is highly pigmented, and glides on the lid like a dream, whilst having an ideal staying power with no creasing! I need to try out more shades!

I couldn’t recommend any of these products any more. I love NARS and believe that all its products are perfect for a makeup lover, and let’s be honest, who can resist the beautiful sleek black packaging?

With these being my personal top six picks from NARS Cosmetics, be sure to let me know your favourites from the brand in the comments below or on Twitter @emstagramr!

NARS 5.jpg

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  1. I find albatros really hard to work with! Doesn’t seems to look glowy enough as a highlight but then it’s too opaque for a blush topper! I loooooooove laguna, I’ve not repurchased it for a while because i’ve been using other things, but i’ll be buying it again after reading this post! xx


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