Favourite MAC lipsticks!

I must say; MAC lipsticks hold a very special place in my heart! They were the first high end lipsticks I ever purchased, and they have such a huge colour range! Over the past few years I have definitely been going through a phase of loving lipsticks and trying out a variety of shades. I have been exploring other brands more in the past year, but I still seem to find myself coming back to my MAC collection time and time again! Let’s start with my favourite finish of lipstick from MAC: matte. Without a doubt, Matte is my favourite finish from their lipstick collection, as all the shades are highly pigmented and very long-lasting. I also find that they’re effortless to apply, which is perfect if touch-ups are needed!

My all-time favourite lipstick from MAC has to be Mehr. MAC calls this lipstick colour a dirty blue pink with a matte finish; however, it does still have a little bit of a moisturising sheen to it, which is perfect as it isn’t drying at all! With a full face of makeup, this colour looks perfect and goes well with my skin tone but honestly, I think it’s a shade that will go with any skin tone! If you get time, head to a MAC store and try this shade out!

Another one of my all-time most-worn lipsticks is Faux as it’s just that perfect ‘my lips but better’ nude. This was one of my first MAC lipsticks, and I often wear this if I just don’t know what look to go for. I’m not going to lie to you… I do have two of this shade, just in case one runs out!

New to my collection and to MAC is a shade that I am so in love with, Really Me. This is described as a muted neutral pink and is exactly that. I would say that this shade will be perfect for everyone, and again will go with any make up look!

Following the theme of  nude lips, I like a pink nude and the perfect option for this is Pink Plaid. The pigmentation in this shade is great and a single swipe ensures that you get the colour from the bullet. I find this shade looks fabulous with a warmed up, ‘bronze goddess’ makeup look.

Moving away from the nude/pink shades my next favourite has to be Russian Red. This is probably one of the most popular shades of red that Mac does, and it is definitely a winner in my eyes! Considering that the finish of this lipstick is matte, it glides smoothly on lips without any tugging or pulling; it is definitely a creamy matte. If you’re looking for a red lipstick, it’s the perfect vivid, blue-toned red and certainly the type that will make your teeth look super-white.

If you’re over the nudes and the reds for 2017 and want something a little more daring, my final favourite for you all is Men Love Mystery. You know when you see a lipstick in store and just fall in love with the shade? This happened to me! Men Love Mystery is described as a lavender violet, medium-dark purple. It’s a matte shade that goes on like all of the mattes from MAC, opaque but creamy! If you’re into purple lipstick, you need to try this!


From top to bottom- Mehr, Faux, Really Me, Pink Plaid.

From left to right- Russian Red, Men Love Mystery.

Let me know what your favourite MAC lipsticks are in the comments, or on twitter @Emstagramr. 

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