All About Me

18. Beauty Blogger, Digital Marketing Apprentice, Make Up Obsessed.

Where? East Midlands, UK

This beauty blog is my hobby where I talk about all things beauty with the occasional lifestyle post.

My make up obsession started more than 5 years ago when I started watching YouTube videos and experimenting with my own make up. I completely fell in love with the looks you can achieve with different products. Since I received my first Mac lipstick in 2011, I’ve barely gone a day without trying a new lip look on. Hopefully my blog will not only teach you a few new make up tips and tricks but will introduce you to a few great products and stop you from buying the not so great ones!

BeautyByEmm is PR friendly, so if you are a blossoming brand whose products would adhere to the theme of my blog, I’d love to hear from you! All views expressed on my blog are my own.


Twitter: @Emstagramr
Instagram: @emstagramr

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